VIII Art of research

at Aalto University

Conference Program

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Lumituuli Palaver Takka
08:30—09:00 Conference Registration
09:00—09:15 Welcoming Speeches
Tuomas Auvinen (Dean ARTS)
Harri Laakso and Sofia Pantouvaki, Conference Co-Chairs
09:15—10:30 Keynote
Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago
10:30—11:00 Coffee break
11:00—12:30 Session 1.1 Re-imagining Artistic Research
Chair: Camilla Groth
Traversing the Unknown in Research through Art and Design Laureen Mahler
Making things that change: Re-considering the fluid nature of creative productions in research through art, design, and craft Luis Vega, Julia Valle-Noronha, Gary Markle, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Sara Hulkkonen, Priska Falin, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Maiju Suomi, Gianluca Giabardo
(E) Future Re-surrection/Future Re-fraction Katrine Hjelde, Marsha Bradfield
(E) Artistic research as appropriation Camiel van Winkel
Session 2.1 Re-Visioning Bodies Chair: Sofia Pantouvaki
(E) Re-framing the Body and Interactivity Through Art and Ludic Engineering Roland Graf
(E)Within the body of performer in Sapmi and Arctic North Marija Griniuk
(E)Eros, art, and research Sara Gomez
(E)The Sounding Sewing Machine: Re-voicing gendered media histories Lottie Sebes
Session 3.1 Re-Interpreting Agencies Chair: Andrea Botero
(E)Alternate agencies and kinships of D/drawing and a drawer in research Marika Tervahartiala
(E)Re-Imagining the Local Soundscape: Composition as Sonic Agency Amy Salsgiver
(E)Steam Bathing with Permafros Ancestors: A Case Study of Participatory Performance in Cryospheric Polycrisis Mari Keski-Korsu
(E)Maye Ma Leka – Reframing Congolese-Swedish Entanglements Cecilia Järdemar, Rob Comber
12:30—13:30 Lunch Break
13:30—15:00 Session 1.2 Re-Placing Agencies
Chair: Julia Valle Noronha
(E)Architectural Practice as a Vehicle for Eploring Relationality in the More Than Human World Maiju Suomi, Maarit Mäkelä
(E)From art introspection to selfie co creation: Looking for clues from O’Doherty’s “Inside the white cube” to improve evaluation and design in the attention-experience economy Kocsis, Sarah Kenderdine, Linus Tan
(E)The image as a relational space – unfolding agency trough photofilmic and performative re-imaginations Maia Gusberti
(E)Deep time re-alignments – merging prehistoric and contemporary art in a museum exhibition as a method of re-imagination Kristin Armstrong, Tanja Thorjussen
Session 2.2 Re-visioning Syntaxes
Chair: Tero Heikkinen
(E)From the abyss to the afterglow: on the practice of vibrant contemplation as a mode of artistic research Luiz Zanotello
(E)Contextualisation of an unpublished document as text collage: Tate Jukka and Pekka (2016) Niina Marjatta Turtola
(E)Who Cares? Post-extractive Feminist Futures (a work report from collecting practices of care in a mining town) Karin Reisinger
(E)RE: Infinite Dialogue Richard Nash, Gary Clough
Session 3.2 Re-Interpreting Meanings
Chair: Marsha Bradfield
(E)Our Spectral Gardens: an archival and artistic interpratation of The Ten Largest (1907) by Hilma af Klint Janice McNab
(E)Returns: Back Stitch Methodology as a Reflective Approach to Artistic Research Danica Maier, Andrew Brown, Joanne Lee, Christine Stevens
(E)Time after Time – A Meaning-Making Structure for Art Creation Tera Cho, Chen-Hua Lu
15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
15:30—17:00 Session 1.3 Re-Imagining Care
Chair: Anton Poikolainen
(F) Collective Care Towards Homeostasis D. Martins Lerias
(E) Revising interspecies relationships by centralizing care and hope as the core elements of artistic and arts-based research and pedagogy Anniina Suominen
(F) Creating intimate places for close by heart but physically apart people through remote embodiments Nesli Hazal Oktay
(E) Re-touched: explorative relationships with touchscreens and conductive matter Marika Grasso
Session 2.3 Re-Visioning Interspecies Collaborations
Chair: Julia Lohmann
(F) Feral Experiments in CreaTures Co-Laboratory Markéta Dolejšová, Andrea Botero, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Michal Mitro, Agniezska Pokrywka, Tuuli Mattelmäki, Chewie
(E) Agential Guts Riina Hannula
(E) Revisioning Positive Ethics in Interspecies Artistic Research Angela Bartram, Jaana Erkkilä-Hill
(F) Museum of Extinction: The Field Ornithology Collection Natalie Field
Session 3.3 Re-Interpreting Narratives
Chair: Susanna Helke
(F) Future (Re)view – (Re)reading “Future (re)vision: A few reflections on recollection, reception and response in practice-based art research or: Hindsight isn’t always 20/20” Marsha Bradfield
(E) The Ideal Landscape – A Visual Narrative Ilaria Biotti
(F) Rupture, the passion market: why love is not fashionable (1998), Mix media interactive installation: 2 digital paintings and 1 neon, 12 postcards and an interactive CD-ROM Patricia Gouveia
17:00—19:00 Conference Exhibition Tour and Networking
19:00—22:00 Conference Dinner (Dipoli)
Lumituuli Palaver Takka
09:30—10:40 Keynote
Laura Beloff
10:40—11:00 Coffee break
11:00—12:30 Session 1.4 Re-Imagining Relationships Chair: Sanna Lehtinen
(E) Quantum Sankofa – Rhizomatic Entanglements with the Ancestors and the Nowcestors Clareese Hill
(F) Primed Figures – Reimagining Architectural Drawings as Technological Mediators Tommy Kaj Lindgren
(F) The relationship between maker, machine and material: Creative investigation of geopolymer extrusion 3D printing Lennart Engels, Priska Falin, Johannes Kaarakainen, Luis Huaman, Maarit Mäkelä, Jussi Leveinen
(E) A Polydimensional Reinterpretation of Scriabin’s Piano Sonatas: the Time, Space, Timbre, Color, and the Cross-Influence in Multimedial Artistic Productions Elina Akselrud
Session 2.4 Re-Visioning Ethics
Chair: Laureen Mahler
(E) Re-searching research: the entanglement of ethics and epistemology in artistic research Anders Mathiasen
(E) Special Operations: Deploying artists’ methods to investigate surveillance Rose Butler
(E) We Would Strike: Reenactment as social action in a post-industrial town Arturo Delgado Pereira
(E) Geschichtung: Working Towards a Practice of Political Re-Imaginings Henrik Nieratschker
Session 3.4 Re-Interpreting Gestures and Encounters
Chair: Harri Laakso
(F) Sleutelen, a photographic gesture Judith van IJken
(E) The Antonioni House Peter Spence
(E) “Infrastructural protocol”: A way of looking at the intersections between infrastructures and our cities Pablo Villalonga Munar
(E) Commands to command – gestures and numbers Giuseppe Torre
12:30—13:30 Lunch Break
13:30—15:00 Session 1.5 Re-exploring Experience
Chair: Priska Falin
(F) Reimagining past histories and experiences through performative photography and auto-ethnography Carla Hamer
(E) By the river: overlapping space and time Raquel Felgueiras
(E) Recreating materials: an insight into drawing tools with connections of nature Cristiana Macedo, Teresa Almeida
(E) A Symbiotic Clay Environment: a journey through the meaning-making possibilities Dena Bagi, Gabriella Rhodes
Session 2.5 Re-Visioning Temporalities
Chair: Karin Krokfors
(E)The Temporal Conditions of the static Image: Repetition as an Engine of Difference James Quin
(F) Re-imagining artists’ relationships with the past: recreation, attention, transformation Emily Pott
(E) Research as Re-Enactment Clare Bottomley
(E) Preparing, slowing (down), trusting and togethering as conditions for collective doings with not knowing and uncertainty Simona Kicurovska, T.S. Anna
Session 3.5 Re-placing Disruptions
Chair: Markéta Dolejšová
(F) Replacing Donna Haraway. A Profanation. Gian Luigi Biagini
(E) (Re-)Considering the Future Home from the Inside Out Jackie Leaver
(E) Artistic Hacking. (Anarch)Interpretation as creative destruction Lorenzo Orsenigo
(E) Back to the future with Kreutzer George Kentros, Rei Nakamura
15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
15:30—17:00 Session 1.6 Re-Imagining Commons
Chair: Laura Beloff
(F) Inter-weavings of practice and research in the tšombiach (woven sashes) of the Kamëntŝa Biya people Susana Patricia Agreda-Chicunque, Alexandra Cuaran-Jamioy, Eliana Sánchez-Aldana, Andrea Botero
(F) Re-Imagining the Collection of the Kreis Family Ulrike Felsing, Murielle Cornut
(E) Re-embedding affective connections: becoming the intersubjective self to reimagine a Chinese rural community Ye Liu
(E) Performative Reading as New Forms of Assembly Li Lorian
Session 2.6 Re-Imagining Matters
Chair: Tomek Rygalik
(F) Forest Disputes: Socially Engaged Art and Forest Science for Understanding Sustainability Challenges Katja Juhola
(E) Re-visioning the forest off-the-human-scale: A photograph, a satellite image, a 3D point cloud Sheung Yiu
(E) Re-Imagining Ruins: A Practice-Based Study of Perceptions of Place in Contemporary Ireland Using Analogue Visual Technologies Katrina Maguire
Session 3.6 Re-Imagining Education
Chair: Anniina Suominen
(F) Betwixt and Between Max Spielmann, Andrea Iten, Catherine Walthard, Daniel Hug
(F) The Exhibition as Assessment: Design Research in Architectural History Jessica Blair
(E) Re-visioning the artographer: undisciplined polyphonic voices as echoes for future Johanne Ilje-Lien, Hannah Kaihovirta, Lena O Magnusson
17:15—17:30 Closing Notes Chairs: Harri Laakso and Sofia Pantouvaki
17:30—19:00 Conference Exhibition Closing